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Scan Your Body / Relax Your Focus

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Energy Practices
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Click Here to Practice Adjusting Your Mind and Body's Parameters
(Or watch a video below on different ways to use this app.)

Intro Video
An introduction to the Mind Body Tool.

Awareness Basics
A video on different ways of observing oneself and others.

Some "Psychic Tools"
A video on common psychic tools.


Do MY OWN Affirmation

Record an Affirmation, type the text of it, and enter the number of SECONDS between playbacks. Then Press Start Male or Start Female. Play with the screen controls. After you click Record Affirmation, follow these steps:
1) Click the red round Record button.
2) Say a short affirmation (less than 30 seconds).
3) Click the white square Stop button.
4) Click "Done" on a Notebook or Tablet computer, OR If your Phone asks, "Play it back?," click Cancel.

Seconds between Playbacks:


Select an Affirmation from the drop down selector, enter the number of SECONDS between playbacks,
then tap or click Start.

Seconds between Playbacks:

Feel My Source Vibration

Feel my source vibration and move my awareness.

Make Basic Changes

The way this works is that first you accept how things are now. Then you make the change.

Inner Journey

Select the Inner Journey you want to go on.

Basic Maps

The Subtle Idea Behind
the Mind Body Tool

Your mind doesn't just have to be your own voice inside your head. You can move your awareness anywhere around your body or anywhere in the room. As you change the location of your awareness, your body and what you consider real changes. Changing habits and attitudes are built up from changes of moving your mind with respect to your body. Feel the joy of making small mind and body adjustments.

The Chakras
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Number for Minutes for This Process

Mind Body Feeling

What's New This Version

Videos (reached from a top button on the Help Page) opens up a video-guided course on self awareness.


Mind Body Feeling Help


Introduction to the Mind Body Tool

Feel inside yourself and use the visuals of the Mind Body Tool to help you maintain your body awareness. Use the various controls to try different kinds of awareness at different locations around and in your body.


Speed Control changes the speed of the scan line and the rate of pulsation of the focused awareness, and how fast it moves.

Focus changes the kind of awareness between vertical scan, horizontal scan, and focused awareness.

Tap to move the focused awareness to a new location.

Scan Direction changes scanning between vertical and horzontal directions.

Bigger expands the awareness indicator.

Smaller contracts the awareness indicator.

View changes the view of your avatar by 90 degrees.

Axes shows or hides the front-back, up-down, and left-right axes.

Gender changes avatar between male and female.

Timer Set a duration and click the button to start a countdown timer.

Partner makes another person or another aspect of yourself appear. Click on the right side of the screen to move its awareness center.

Grid shows or hides the grid the awareness center moves on.

Intention turns the intention arrows on or off.

Maps changes between the Sensation locations map, the Emotion locations map, the Neurotransmitter sensations map, and no map.

Scene changes the background scene or makes it solid gray, white, or black.

Training shows a menu of training patterns. The first four get you to focus on a particular center. They are called 2 Minute Workouts, and move the avatar randomly for two minutes around the Head, Heart, Belly, or Ground center.

Turn Voice On/Off turns the vocalizations on and off.

Turn Coloring On/Off allows the world to be colored by the awareness center location or not. Usually, moving awareness up shows a warmer color, moving it down shows a cooler color. From the side, the each quadrant has a different color. In all cases, bringing the awareness to the biological center of gravity clears the emotional coloring.

Turn Waves On/Off shows on the screen passing waves of internal or external experience.

Match matches the partner's focus type and location.

Phase changes the starting place of the scan line or the opacity of the focus point in its cycle.

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  1. The Buddha's discourse on the four foundations of mindfulness.
  2. Principles of Neuropsychology, Zillmer, Spiers, Culbertson, 2008.
  3. Ayya Khema audio file on the Insight Meditation technique of body scanning.
  4. Dr. Stuart Heller, 7th Dan: how the Five Rings of Musashi map to locations around the human body. (I.e., the Emotions Map)
  5. Berkeley Psychic Institute: Energy Channels.
  6. Tai Chi Master Tony Wong: Wuji Posture (a balanced standing meditation posture).
  7. Da Lu, Tai Chi Chuan and Meditation: Microcosmic Orbit.
  8. Fredric Lehrman, Prosperity Consciousness (CD Course).
  9. Mr. Ropa Chen and Peter Blacksage.

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